Bonded Fibre Retainers

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Bonded Fibre Retainers

What is a bonded fibreglass retainer?

A bonded fibreglass retainer is a tooth coloured strip of material fixed to the inside of your bottom or top front teeth.

How does the bonded retainer work?

The bonded fibreglass retainer works as a support to the teeth to prevent them moving out of line after the removal of a brace. The fibreglass adds strength to the composite filling material that is used. It makes it rigid enough to hold the teeth straight.

What are the advantages of having a fibreglass retainer as opposed to a wire retainer?

The bonded fibreglass retainer is less obtrusive and visible than a bonded wire retainer. The bonded fibreglass retainer is tooth coloured.

Will it hurt?

There should be no pain or discomfort.

How do I clean my teeth and the retainer?

Extra care must be taken when cleaning your teeth and the fibreglass retainer.

How long will the retainer need to be in place?

The bonded fibreglass retainer would best be regarded as permanent

Will there be any permanent damage?

The bonded fibreglass retainer will not cause any damage but poor dental hygiene around the retainer will. Poor cleaning and too many fizzy drinks can cause permanent decay marks.

How often should I return for check-ups?

The bonded fibreglass retainer can be checked by your dentist at your usual check ups.

Is the treatment permanent, or will I need additional future treatment?

Everyday wear and tear will necessitate the repair or replacement of the fibreglass retainer at some future date. Your dentist at your regular check ups will discuss this with you.

How successful will it be?

As the bonded fibreglass retainer is both fixed and permanent it is more reliable than a removable retainer.

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Bonded Fibre Retainers Procedure