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Dear Patients,

Following the government’s announcement, we would like to reassure all of our patients that we will remain open and will continue to practice safely with the highest level of disinfection control through this second lockdown, and in line with all clinical and government guidelines. Should advice change from our governing bodies, we will keep you informed.

How you can help keep our Dental Practice safe for all:

  • Please come alone (unless there is a need to accompany children or you need a carer).
  • There are floor markers to guide you on social distancing from other patients.
  • Payment by debit or credit card only, please.
  • Please try and arrive as close as possible to your appointment time. You may need to wait outside for a short while to ensure the Practice is fully prepared for your appointment.
  • If you are travelling by public transport, current government guidelines are to wear face coverings.
  • Please do not arrive without an appointment.


 We look forward to seeing you soon!

Fillings, the different materials

When is it appropriate to fill a cavity?

Although cavities in teeth need not be treated as an emergency, (unless associated with an abscess), they should be filled as early as possible since, decay is a slow progressive process and without many symptoms until the tooth is grossly destroyed. Sometimes even a small spot may show massive destruction below it. Treating the decay at the intial stage helps conserve tooth structure.

Can any dentist do all types of fillings?

Any dentist can do routine fillings. Badly decayed teeth and some root canal treatment are better handled by a dentist specialised in restorative dentistry and endodontics.

What is a temporary filling?

If the dental decay is close to the pulp a medicated layer of filling is placed over the affected area and a temporary filling is done. Once the pulp heals the temporary restoration is removed and a permanent filling is done. Permanent fillings can be made of various different materials such as silver amalgam or white composite fillings.

What is a permanent filling?

While temporary fillings are meant to last a few months only the permanent fillings last longer. Well made permanent fillings can last decades if not a life time. Permanent fillings can be made of various different materials such as silver amalgam or white composite fillings.

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